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Igeotest boasts a long and successful track record of onshore, port and nearshore infrastructure projects throughout the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, North and West Africa, and both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of South America. In addition, our highly trained personnel have expertise in all types and stages of infrastructure development projects, and we make sure each new project is allocated an experienced manager who oversees and coordinates the multidisciplinary teams.

Quality geological and geotechnical studies provide the foundation for successful, lasting, infrastructure projects. 


From concept design to implementation


Igeotest owns and operates a wide range of equipment, from jack-up platforms for nearshore works, to survey vessels, as well as a variety of seabed systems for testing, sampling and boreholes. Of particular interest are the MiniDrill and MD 500 underwater drilling equipment, which were developed in-house, in the Igeotest R&D department and which provide clear evidence of the innovation and creative capacity of our engineering team.